Hi. My name is Lev, I am a founder and director of the company. Basically, the company is just me and two of my friends who have significant experience in cabinet installation.

Home improvement used to be my hobby for many years, especially when it came to shelving, cabinets and other customised solutions that make home space better organised. I like finding solutions and then implementing them. Eventually, the hobby has turned to my work.

I initially worked for a couple of cabinet-making companies and found that they wanted me to work fast without paying attention to the quality and efficiency of the solution. This didn’t make sense to me as seeing the result of a good job and happy customers were the very things that made me happy with the job.

On top of that, I found it wasn’t the most efficient way when the company did everything: marketing, customer service, design, measurement, production, and installation. It is very hard to synchronize all the processes and the cost increases significantly.

I work differently. I take measurements and design the solution. Once it is approved by the customer, I drop it to the panels and send the order to the manufacturer for cutting. Precision cutting is key when designing a good quality cabinet. The manufacturers I work with don’t serve customers, the only thing they do is cutting. Because of that, they are very efficient in terms of cost and quality.

Once it is done, we deliver, assemble, and install the cabinets.

All our jobs have a 1-year guarantee. If there is something wrong during this period, just call us and we’ll fix it at no charge. I should mention that there hasn’t been a case like that till date.

I won’t disappoint you as I care a lot about what I’m leaving behind and what emotion you will experience when you see the final results that I’ve delivered to you.

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