Adaptable Payment Schedules Personalised for Your Budget

Fit My House is aware that monetary limitations shouldn’t prevent you from completing your ideal cabinetry project. We’re thrilled to provide our clients with a simple monthly payment option that lets you manage your spending because of this.

The Difficulty: Juggling Your Dreams and Your Budget

You have a vision for your space, but the initial expense of a cabinetry project might be intimidating. This is a frequent challenge. Project delays frequently result in future price increases, setting up a vicious cycle that puts your ambition just out of reach.

Flexible Payment Plans are Our Solution

We’ve done away with the necessity for middlemen and laborious financing procedures. Your project’s cost may be spread out over time with our instalment payment plan, which makes it more affordable and reasonable.

How It Works

50% Deposit: A 50% down payment will secure your project.

Flexible Repayment Schedule: Make equal payments every two weeks for up to a year to pay off the remaining sum. 

The best part? You decide the number of payments based on what works for your budget.

Transparent Fees: Our instalment fee is just 1% of the remaining balance plus $15 per payment, ensuring transparency and simplicity throughout the process.

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All set to begin? Reach out to us to talk about your project and available payment plans.

Benefits of Our Instalment Option

Control of Budget: Pay the bills when they are due to accommodate your budget.

Nothing Unexpected to Pay: No surprises—just up-front, transparent fees.

Price Stability: Even with payments spanning up to 12 months, your price remains fixed at today’s rate.

Plans that can be customised: Pick how many payments to make in order to stick to your timeframe and budget.

Get Your Project Started Right Away: Bid farewell to setbacks and begin realising your dream.

Budgetary restrictions shouldn’t prevent you from creating the room of your dreams. Make your dreams of cabinets a reality by taking advantage of our instalment payment option.